The Protherma™ PTS-GR/CCL provides accurate geologic and tubing/casing depth correlation for pressure, temperature and flow measurements made with the tool. Accurate depth and geologic correlation is achieved using an integral scintillation based gamma ray detector and casing collar locator (CCL).


  • Quartz pressure sensor
  • Fast response RTD temperature sensor
  • Flowmeter
  • Casing collar locator (CCL)
  • Gamma ray sensor


  • Ultra high temperature PL tool
  • Highly accurate Quartzdyne pressure sensor
  • Non-hazardous battery operation in memory mode
  • Single conductor e-line mode compatibility with the Warrior™ and Kuster SRO acquisition systems
  • Available in two outside diameters
  • Metal to metal seals
  • All materials meet NACE MRO175 specifications for corrosive wellbore media


Type Diameter Pressure Temperature Memory
ProTherma™ 1.83", 1.69" Up to 18,000 psi 350°C 1,672,000 data sets