Quantum Geothermal PTS

The Geothermal PTS tool has been designed to record pressure, temperature and spinner (flow) data in a high temperature geothermal well. The Geothermal PTS tool is available in a memory or surface readout (SRO) configuration.


  • Strain pressure sensor
  • Fast response RTD temperature sensor
  • Flowmeter


  • Operation at temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius
  • High temperature reed switch spinner design
  • Continuous and full-bore spinners available
  • Temperature sensor exposed to wellbore
  • Simple operation
  • Operates in both memory mode or e-line mode
  • Single conductor e-line mode compatibility with the Warrior, ALT and Kuster SRO acquisition systems
  • Metal to metal seals
  • All materials meet NACE MRO175 specifications for corrosive wellbore media


Type Diameter Pressure Temperature Memory
Quantum Geothermal PTS 1.75" 8,500 psi 350°C 3,500,000 data sets