Oil & Gas

Kuster offers a suite of tools geared towards the oil and gas industries. This includes memory/e-line gauges with high pressure limits and temperature limits at up to 150, 177 and 200 degrees Celsius as well as production logging tools and data acquisition systems.


Downhole tools capable of withstanding steam temperatures that can go as high as 350 degrees Celsius are very important in the geothermal industry. Kuster offers state of the art tools that can record pressure, temperature, flow and optionally CCL and gamma ray data in either memory or e-line mode.

Permanent Monitoring

Kuster’s long history with high temperature downhole electronics serve it well in the permanent monitoring application. Kuster makes permanent pressure/temperature gauges with either highly accurate quartz pressure sensor or a lower cost piezoresistive sensor. Probe’s extensive suite of surface technology allows for very flexible remote monitoring.

Mechanical Gauges

The KPG and KTG mechanical pressure and temperature gauges utilize internal clocks to record pressure and temperature directly to charts downhole. The Kuster mechanical tools have been trusted all over the world for decades due to their reliability and rugged performance.


High temperature battery packs with limits up to 150, 180 and 200 degrees Celsius are available in various sizes and lengths for extended surveys.


Many accessories are available to ensure that surveys are performed in optimum conditions. These accessories include centralizers, full bore spinners, gauge carriers, crossovers, sinker bars, fishing tools and more.