A trusted source for downhole tools since 1928

  • Compatibility

    The majority of Kuster gauges and logging tools can be programmed to operate in either memory or in e-line mode with compatibility with a variety of data acquisition systems.

  • Worldwide support

    Kuster has representatives all over the world, along with technical centers in Latin America and the Middle East offering calibration and repair services. Kuster also offers on-site training. Customer satisfaction is Kuster’s highest priority.

  • Reliable Technology

    Kuster’s Quantum gauges have an industry leading memory capacity. They can also be configured to operate in redundant recording mode. That combined with Kuster’s vast experience with high temperatures and high pressures ensures that Kuster’s customers can run critical surveys with confidence.

  • Probe Team

    Kuster joined Probe in 2009. The combination of Probe and Kuster provides a single platform for clients requiring downhole tools and associated services. Kuster’s production oriented tools complement Probes well integrity and formation evaluation suite of tools to provide a single source of reliable, cost-effective tools and associated support services.